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Let’s taste the music

Let’s taste the music
‘I’m getting peaty, malty hints. Supple notes of spiced wood. And a balanced kick of smokey honey with dried fruit.’

The language of whisky tasting can seem bizarre to anyone other than an expert. So to help us identify individual flavours within Johnnie Walker Blue Label – the rarest in the brand’s portfolio – food design studio Bompass and Parr has commissioned a piece of organ music called A Symphony in Blue.

Written by British organ specialists Mander’s Organs, the piece is designed to match musical notes to the flavours in the whisky. Over the course of the performance, flavours such as peat, malt, fruit, wood and spices are represented through sound and projected images, making them easier for the audience to pick out as they drink.

Missed the notes of cedar? Think we’d better have another listen (and another glass).



Espresso yourself

Espresso yourself

Leave the flasks to the hikers. What you need is a Minipresso, a dinky espresso machine for popping in your bag and pouring out when you’re on the move. (Hot stuff, Damo.)

At just seven inches, the handbag-friendly gizmo has everything you need to make the perfect pick-me-up. It also includes an insulated cap that doubles as an espresso cup, and a set of inserts that let you use either Caffitaly capsules or your favourite grind.

See it in all its beany glory here:



Sky hi-fi

Sky hi-fi 1

Ever been to a wedding where the invitation asks you to submit your favourite tune for the DJ’s playlist? Ever hidden in shame as the dance floor clears and everyone tuts when your choice comes on?

Taking things a step further, you can now choose your favourite song when you buy a festival ticket, then have your tune played to you by an overhead drone.

Sky hi-fi 2

Created by BASE and Spotify, the PartyDrone is the first personalised sound system. Festival goers are asked to add their song to a Spotify playlist when they buy their ticket. Then when they arrive, they’re ‘matched’ to their song so the PartyDrone can find them throughout the festival and play it from up above.

No hiding from that one, then.



The germinator

The Germinator



Ever feel like you’re sitting in a doctor’s waiting room instead of a train carriage? If your morning commute is an everyday battle to avoid catching something horrific, you need the Germinator Transit jacket.

Created by innovative fashion company Betabrand, the jacket is a water-resistant fleece that also features silver-infused antimicrobial fabric and nanoparticles that inhibit bacteria growth.

Its hood and linings are removable and washable to make sure grime and germs don’t build up. And the sleeves come with fold-out cuffs to protect your whole hand when you’re gripping onto germ-covered poles and escalator rails.

If that’s not enough, the collar also has a high lining that can be pulled over your face to protect from coughs and – according to Betabrand – those silent but violent gassy emissions from other commuters. Nice.



What’s cooking?

What’s cooking

Half an onion, the scraps of yesterday’s roast, a couple of green beans and a jar of mayonnaise. What on earth are we going to have for dinner?

The contents of a mid-week fridge can lead anyone to despair (and a take-away). But now, Hellmann’s Brazil and a team of professional chefs are here to help.

Just take a picture of your ingredients – however hopeless they may seem. Send it via WhatsApp. And a chef will get back to you with a new recipe just for you.

If that’s not enough, they’ll then send you pictures and videos to help with every stage of the preparation, and even tell you when it’s time to get your creation out the oven.

Over 8,000 people used the service in its first ten days, with each person spending an average of 65 minutes talking to their chef. So who’s doing the washing up?





It’s that time of day again. The clock’s just struck five (or three. Or midday. Or ten in the morning.) You’ve had a hell of a week. And all you can think about is an ice-cold, citrusy gin and tonic.

But hang on a mo, who finished the tonic water? Realising that this predicament counts as a genuine disaster, Dutch gin brand VL92 has created a Gin & Tonic Emergency Kit. As well as the distinctively botanical VL92 gin, the kit includes Fentimans tonic water and a recipe on the side for creating the perfect drink.

Forget Post-it notes. This is surely a must-have for desk drawers across the land.



Faster food

Faster food

“Wait a minute, I’ll just take a picture before you start.” If your food is forever going cold because your friends insist on snapping/filtering/Instagramming every meal you have, you need to book a table at The Secret Restaurant.

The idea is simple. Food is served on an industrial-style conveyor belt connecting the underground kitchen to the restaurant upstairs. If you don’t pick up your food instantly, it drops off the end and is lost forever.

Created by sculptor and performance chef Bob Dornberger, the pop-up restaurant has been specifically created to take a stand against the culture of sharing every dish on social media.

Can’t help but think that conveyor belt would look great with a Valencia filter though…



Pizza face

Pizza face 1


Too tired to cook? Too weary to make a call? Too exhausted to type? Wow. You should see someone about that. And that someone is ‘Dom’, the new voice-ordering app that lets you order pizzas from Domino’s just by speaking into your phone.

Just like Siri, Dom responds to your questions with ‘humorous’ phrases like “My motherboard and fatherboard raised me right.” And of course, he also does useful things like taking your order, suggesting side dishes and finding coupons for the best deals.

Pizza face 2

Question is, how are you going to get up off the sofa to answer the door?



Power in your hands

Power in your hands 1

Unlock your front door. Pay the bill after dinner. Share your contact details. Check your blood sugar levels. All with a touch of your hand.

They might sound like things only a superhero could do (although you’d hope they’d have more interesting uses for their powers), but turning your body into technology is fast becoming a reality.

Power in your hands 2

NewDealDesign has created a concept called Underskin, which involves smart digital tattoos being implanted into your hand. The tattoos would run off your body’s electro-chemical energy, interacting with everything you touch and sending out NFC signals to keep your data safe.

Time to start practising that Spidey flick of the wrist?



Off the page

Off the page

Ever found yourself tapping an image in a newspaper to try and make it bigger? Or sliding your thumb and finger apart over the small print in an ad? Or trying to flick through real pages with just a swipe of your forefinger?

Smartphones and touch screens are responsible for all sorts of crazy changes in our brains. But with tricks like C&A’s ‘Like Ad’ project in Brazil, you’d be forgiven for getting confused about the boundaries between the real and the digital. (Nice one, Jambell.)

The campaign invites you to tap ‘like’ on magazine ads, which then show up as digital likes on your Facebook page. As if that wasn’t enough, the likes for each outfit are also counted and displayed in real shops so everyone can see what’s most popular.

Be careful what you tap in future…



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