How can you help people spice up their routines?

MUJI’s taste-leaf book is the flat-pack spin on cooking.

Instead of using real herbs, the spicy little book is filled with flavoured sheets of paper that you simply tear off and add to your meal.

The seasoning ratio is already mixed and perfected to save you work, time, and most importantly, space.

Need some extra flavour?

Just tear out a page and add it to the dish.

Each page is embedded with the spice and dissolves into the food, while the moisture and heat ensure the spice mixes in well.

The MUJI taste-leaf book includes basic flavours like white pepper and chili, but if this concept is picked up, it’s likely a whole new range of flavors will be introduced.

The book is perfect for small-space living, camping, living on a boat, travel or just to show off to your friends.

(Thanks to Annie for spotting this one.)

  • Chris Arnold

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