How can you tap into a ‘going global’ backlash?

Think like the Melbourne-based founders of Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co.

Tired of seeing imported water from the other side of the world on their local restaurant tables, they decided to act.

Today, the team bottles and distributes water from the heart of Melbourne’s mineral springs capital.

Not only are their products natural, sustainable and local, with bottling and packaging just 100km from source, but they’re stylish too.

Their line of sparkling fresh fruit mineral waters showcase brightly illustrated retro-looking labels, with sweet colors that match their equally scrumptious contents.

Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. are growing a dedicated following as Melbournians, Victorians and Australians as a whole go for their beautiful local goods.



    Well put Chris.


    Having recently worked on a major bank, the word BACKBONE is also missing form their dictionary.

  • Max Harrington

    Sadly, because financial institutes think the only reward worth having is money, they don’t attract people who have a combination of values and courage. Companies who brag about profit put profit before people, always. When was the last time a bank bragged about something really good they’d done (that wasn’t just a CSR PR spin)?

  • Chris Arnold