Kindness never goes out of fashion

Members of Hyatt’s Gold Passport loyalty program already enjoy numerous benefits when they visit a Hyatt hotel.

Soon, however, they’ll also benefit from a new Hyatt initiative – to deliver random acts of kindness.

Hyatt’s mission is to provide ‘authentic hospitality’.

CEO, Mark Hoplamazian, defines it as “making a difference to the lives of those we touch.”

As part of a new effort to take better care of its Gold Passport members, Hyatt will soon lavish these guests with pleasant surprises designed to delight them during their stay.

In a recent blog post, Hoplamazian wrote, “Don’t be surprised if Gold Passport picks up your bar tab, comps your massage or treats your family to breakfast.

It’s part of bringing authentic hospitality to life and making you feel more than welcome.”

Not only does the effort stand a good chance of boosting the authenticity of Hyatt’s service delivery, it’s also a shining example of the kind of corporate generosity increasingly being sought by disillusioned consumers, and offered by clued-in brands.