‘Be awesome’ more often

A person walks into PF Chang’s and tweets how much she loves the lettuce wraps. Since PF Chang’s is active on Twitter, they see the message and decide to ‘be awesome’ and send the Tweeter a free dessert and appetizer.

A simple thought – PF Chang’s reached out and delighted a customer in a way she wasn’t expecting. And this person wasn’t a celebrity or an ‘influencer’ in the foodie world in any way. And PF Chang’s had NO expectation of getting anything more out of it. They just decided to take the opportunity to thank the Tweeter and thereby humanise their brand.

So, this question to people in marketing: when was the last time you actually thanked a customer? When was the last time you tried to ‘be awesome’? Does your company even have the systems in place to let you do so? If not, maybe it’s time to start making a change.

Ref. http://www.hardknoxlife.com/2009/07/11/a-case-of-why-brands-need-to-be-awesome-more-often/

  • alex parr

    PF Changs lettuce wraps are rather good. ;o)

  • T.N

    I agree- love those wraps!! More businesses should be like PF Chang’s. Viral Marketing is the key to success in a downward economy

  • bao

    What the hell is PF Changs?