Random acts of postal kindness

In this age of email, chat rooms and social networking, are we forgetting the pleasure of real post dropping through the letterbox? ‘Postcrossing’ helps you send and receive postcards to and from random people around the world.

Postcrossing was started by Paulo Magalhães from Portugal as a side project while he was a student. He has always loved to get post, the more random the better. He knew he wasn’t the only one so created an online platform to support this offline hobby. The goal: to connect people across the world through postcards, wherever they are, whoever they are and whatever they believe.

It’s working. Every day, people are cheered by the arrival of a postcard. As one postcrosser says, ‘it’s pure joy and excitement’. At the present count, there are 116,213 members from 198 countries. If you add up all the journeys the postcards have made, it comes to 14,944,417,720km.

Others are taking it further. One avid postcrosser celebrated her birthday by visiting all the people she’d had postcards from. Two others, Geoffrey from Australia and Kati from Finland, found one postcard led to another and eventually decided to tie the knot. (Thanks to Nathan Penlington, one of the readers at our latest poetry night, SoPo, for putting us on to this.)

Ref. http://www.postcrossing.com/

  • emma lambert

    i sent my first card to california yesterday after seeing this post!