Going loco for local

The main piazza in Sorrento is named after Torquato Tasso, the greatest Italian poet of the late Renaissance. Tasso is best known for his 1575 masterpiece, Jerusalem Delivered. Sadly, in the same decade, Tasso developed a persecution mania and died just days before he was due to be crowned by the Pope as the ‘king of poets’.

As well as being honoured right in the heart of Sorrento, his name also appears on a very local soft drink – Tassoni. This confident, distinctive bottle has no branding, no label, no nothing. You don’t get much more local and authentic than that. Are there any opportunities to go this local where you live or work?

  • Keith Geddes

    Er.. excuse me.. I use Lynx Africa because I like it…. everyone in advertising thinks they influence people to buy.. sorry to burst your bubble..Chris J Reed.  I`m 60+..  the adverts are often stupid but whose fault is that? How old are the people having the ideas.. huh? More like your age I expect.
    Its a young mans world now and dont I know it.. so.. 13 year olds will enjoy those ads? Maybe.
    Remember the adverse comments about Old Spice? I used it in the 70`s.. many did.. times and tastes change, but ad agencies think they can affect sales big time, maybe sometimes they do.
    Its more often what deals the supermarkets can do as to whats on the shelf… THATS  what influences sales. WHY  Cheeselettes only across christmas season.. fact.. I`m addicted.. for that period.