Savings are in the eye of the beer-holder

Market rules apply at Broker’s Bier Borse, a popular pub in Berlin’s financial district. The price of each of the bar’s sixteen brews is set according to its popularity. So the more popular a beer is, the higher the price climbs, while the less desirable beers get cheaper.

A large electronic ticker overlooks the bar updating prices every three minutes. This means all customers get an up-to-the-minute shot at making a saving. Supply-and-demand determines the bar’s food options as well, from breakfast specials to lunch-time sell-offs.

The fluctuating prices of a real-time free market system make for the perfect change-up to any business-as-usual tavern.


  • Chris Arnold

    I’d like to thank John Davis for his comment on this article and for putting forward a different viewpoint. With any blog I think it’s important that we should discuss and even debate views and beliefs. We live in a world of little real predictability, so having more than one view is enlightening and healthy. Where would politics be without different views? There is rarely one right answer.

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