Room with a hell-of-a view

The Hotel Everland is a portable, green, rectangular room.

Conceived by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, it’s been stationed in beautiful landscapes and cities in Switzerland, Germany, and France.

In the picture below, it sits like a jewel on the roof of the contemporary art space, Palais De Tokyo in Paris.

The views from the large windows provide uniquely stunning views.

While inside the green and white container is a comfortable room with a king-size bed, a fully working bathroom in beautiful blue mosaic tile, a large lounge, a record collection, an over-stuffed mini-bar (included in the price), and breakfast is delivered to your door in the morning.

However, unlike a traditional hotel, guests are allowed to stay for one night only in the year and it’s also open to museum visitors during the day.

Everything, including top class service, seems to deliver the ideal of luxury and indulgence most modern hotels want to deliver.

Well worth experiencing, the room costs around €333-444 to book for the night and bookings happen online exclusively.

To give everyone a fair shot, bookings can be made only two months in advance and new booking slots are opened every week.