Wear it well

Dogtag Travel Insurance was set up to fill a gap in the market for people who want cover for the Sports Activities they take part in whilst abroad.

They have come up with a unique way of proving you are covered for medical treatment abroad: a surgical steel Dogtag to wear at all times when you’re travelling. (Tx Dawn, be careful on those slopes!)

Your stainless steel Dogtag is laser engraved with your name, personal tag number and the Dogtag emergency phone number and web address. By accessing your Medical Information Page, a medic or other privileged person can view a read-only page with details about the currency of your insurance cover. They can also view any relevant medical information you choose to make available.

Ref. http://www.dogtag.co.uk/

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    Love it!

    Nothing appeals to an adrenaline junkie like the thought of being in the SAS