Get inside your customers’ heads

It’s a common challenge: your ad, packaging or product went down a storm during research but the sales don’t follow suit.

Recognising the limitations of standard research methodologies, Campbell Soup has been tapping into ‘neuromarketing’ techniques to pinpoint what people find truly engaging and emotionally compelling.

For the past two years, researchers studied microscopic changes in skin moisture, heart rate and other biometrics to see how consumers react to everything from pictures of bowls of soup to logo design. They combined these biometric tools with a different type of deep interview to more accurately gauge which consumer communications worked better.

This neuromarketing-based research will result in some of the biggest changes in decades to Campbell’s iconic labels and shelf displays. Starting in autumn, condensed soup varieties will be sectioned into four colour-coded categories such as ‘taste sensations’ (in orange) and ‘classic favourites’ (light brown). The logo will be smaller and moved lower so it’s not as prominent. Steam will rise from larger, more vibrant pictures of soup in more modern white bowls.


    Have you heard anyone complaining about the logo in the last week?   😉

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