All is not what it seems

As high streets are decimated by the recession, councils are installing fake business facades to create the illusion that shops are still occupied. North Tyneside Council is trialling the new window treatment on the crumbling facade of a vacant clothing store in Whitley Bay. The sign asks the question, ‘Delicatessen?’ following up with the line, ‘This retail space could be yours . . .’ (Thanks to Mrs Daily Mail, Claire)

Judith Wallace, North Tyneside Council’s deputy mayor, said: ‘We need to do whatever we can to support our businesses and town centres. The recession has forced many businesses to bring down their shutters. This is a simple and cost-effective approach that keeps the retail unit available for potential new uses and in the meantime also contributes to the street scene.’


  • Marina Ivanova

    Risible idea with delicatessen :)

  • Roy Murphy

    Hmmm, nice try. I feel the money would be better spent on actual jobs and actual businesses.