The pocket-size personal trainer

Adidas has launched a new, free app – miCoach. It turns your smartphone into a coach and personal trainer without the need for any additional devices. The app has capitalised on the ‘missing link’ between the chip-driven stats tracking of Nike+ (requiring purchase of a chip), and the analytical capabilities of a well-designed smartphone app (already in your hand, usually during your run).

Rather than simply collect data, the app provides workouts and conditioning tailored to specific sports via a real-time audible training system, featuring pace-triggered voice coaching and workout plans designed by professional trainers.

The app means your run data is now literally to hand as you run. It tracks your progress, tells you how fast to run, visually displays the run data and automatically syncs to Adidas miCoach’s online manager. The iPhone’s GPS tracks your run on Google Maps, providing an outline of your route with speed, distance and elevation data. You can even find out how different sneaker types can improve your performance.

It’s a clever move by Adidas to compete directly with the lauded – but not free – Nike+ technology. And it will be interesting to see what this does for brand perception, engagement and sales of Adidas running merchandise.