Banish the bugs (beautifully)

These days, who’d be without a hand sanitiser? They’re great for freshening up after Tube travel or banishing that ‘ewww’ feeling when the soap and water supplies are hit and miss at festivals.

This little number has come to our attention for its good looks and all-natural bug-beating prowess.

Its list of ingredients reads more like a health-giving mocktail than a hand sanitiser. Check it out: manuka honey, liquid vitamin C, white willow bark, aloe vera, zinc, radish root, white tea leaf, lavender and lime. Mmmmm. At least those germy germs can die happy. Find out more at


  • Ex Matelot

    Dear Mr Chris J Reed

    The point your article is trying to make is absolutely disgusting. Virgin money should have bought new shirts to then put on sale?

    If you had bothered to do your home work you will know that those shirts are brand new for the current season. There is enough pressure for fans (and the parents of fans) to keep up with replica shirts/strips every other season and I find the fact you think the Tyneside community should fork out again barely 5 months into the season an absolute disgrace.

    I apologise on behalf of the working class for not living up to your Versace and Champagne lifestyle.

    Richard Clarke

  • Paul Flower

    I think Chris is saying that they could’ve surely afforded 15 new shirts to give to the players, particularly as it was a TV match. All the ‘stick-on’ version achieved was to make Virgin Money look cheap.

    Nowhere in the feature does it say that people should’ve bought new shirts.

  • Chris J Reed

    Thank you Paul, a man with common sense and commercial awareness. Mr Clarke you missed the point entirely and take that working class chip off your shoulder bonny lad, I’m a Geordie and watched the match at 4am Singapore time….that’s called dedication.

    I myself have bought one of the new shirts and would never change it just because we had a new sponsor…as Paul says the new logo was premiered in a massive TV match against the champions of the premiership, surely Virgin/Newcastle could have created 15 new shirts in which to welcome the new sponsorship rather than literally tape over the previous sponsor which looks cheap and tatty. No one suggested customers buying any new shirt.You may remember that Newcastle have a record for doing this, in the 80’s when Keegan first joined helped by Newcastle Breweries, as they had no money (some things never change…)  Newcastle Breweries insisted on becoming the team sponsor as part of the deal and the then sponsor, Greenals were happy to oblige and Newcastle Breweries did indeed tape over the Greenals sponsorship on the shirts then too! You would have though several decades later and in the modern era that this wouldn’t happen again but somethings never change.And no one mentioned champagne….but if you’re buying they’re right out of Newcastle Broon Ale and the chips have all gone………

  • Ex Matelot

    Mr Reed

    Genuinely. I hope you can accept my sincerest apologies for my rash outburst. If I did miss the point – and it looks like I did, apologising is the least I can do.

    This topic is a sore subject for me as I have 3 sons in their teens with season tickets who want everything now.


  • Chris J Reed

    No worries Richard, i can understand that must be tough. We’re all passionate and care that’s what make Newcastle United fans the greatest in the world!

  • Swedish Meatballs

    Chris, any available stock of Newcastle shirts would have had the previous sponsor already affixed to the kits, so it would have taken Puma days if not weeks to get some new ones manufactured (they’re all made in the Far East) without the sponsors label, let alone with the new Virgin Money sponsors label and this is why the management was forced to just stick the new label over the previous ones. Granted it didn’t look professional but these factories in the Far East usually require the kit designs to be approved 7-8months prior to receiving the goods so it’s not as easy as getting someone to just print off some kits for the next match.