Bed but not bored

Wanderlust is the latest funky crashpad to join Singapore’s growing and eclectic family of boutique hotels. The building, situated in the vibrant backpackers enclave of Little India, was originally an old school built in the 1920s and each of the four thematic levels of 29 rooms were designed by award-winning Singapore agencies, each of whom were given full creative freedom.

But with room rates starting at S$180, Wanderlust is no hovel. Instead, it’s more of a great value experience for adventurous business travellers who dare to venture off the beaten track and away from the usual big-name chains.
(Cheers, Dom.)


  • Iain Morrison

    Amazing spot for a hotel. Given Singapore is such a new country, there are relatively few parts of it that have any real sense of character. This area is one of them. A must on any visit away from the clinical sky-scraper cityscape that dominates…