What’s in your basket?

If you like a sneaky peek in other shoppers’ baskets when you’re standing at the checkout (and who doesn’t), you might like Barcode Hero. This is barcode scanning meets casual gaming. The first of its kind, this app attempts to personalise the in-store retail experience by letting friends compare product finds and purchasing prowess.

You simply log in to the free application via your Facebook account, and from there, earn ‘points’ every time you scan an item (you don’t even have to buy it). Repeated scans of categorised objects unlock merit badges and can even earn you special deals. The app also provides price comparison tools and user recommendations.

Overly conspicuous consumption doesn’t sit well with today’s consumer, but opt-in services that make it easy for people to share the scoop on their latest shelf scores are a different story – illustrated by the rise in numbers of people ‘broadcasting’ their in-store retail experiences in YouTube ‘haul’ videos.

Via. http://www.iconoculture.com/Approach/WhatWeIdentify/Observations/Millennials/index.aspx?DocName=oa_BarcodeHero_258251

  • http://igmorrison.com Iain Morrison

    I’m something of a social media addict. But this is even a step too far for me…

  • Chris Worsley

    I am ffar from a social media addict and this sort of thing only reinforces my position.

    Sweet baby Jesus