Discount forever

The digital revolution is a major driving force behind the Discount Forever trend. Online innovations have empowered consumers, making price-promiscuity so effortless and convenient that it’s become ingrained in our everyday behaviour.

As mobile internet penetration rates continue to accelerate alongside an explosion in innovative apps, people across Europe will control price in increasingly spontaneous and seamless ways. The Vouchercloud app already alerts users to special offers in their vicinity using a GPS tracking system, and barcode-scanning app, StripeyLines, enables on-the-spot price comparison with both online and real world retail stores.

The future opportunities for mobile discounting offers that are instant, personalised, interactive, playful, loyalty-rewarding or connected to one’s social networks appear limitless.


  • paul c-c

    Interesting. But not once do you mention the extortionate commercial rates or ridiculous rents that come with having a retail presence. That’s the crux of our ghost towns. Nothing else. Why go to a high street with fewer & fewer shops offering less choice unless you want a weak coffee that’s only affordable because you shopped in a charity shop after you went to poundland & dropped some change for a Big Issue.