Wired hospital

Best Buy is about to take the hospital gift shop into the technology age in a test partnership with Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Indiana. The shop will carry a limited selection of Best Buy products geared towards helping patients and guests stay connected during their treatment or visit.
The retailer will provide items like digital cameras, phone chargers, data cards and sound cancelling earphones, while the hospital will keep a percentage of the generated revenue. If the test turns out positive, Best Buy may roll out the concept to other hospitals around the US.


It’s not the first time retail and medicine have come together – healthcare clinics and services have been popping up in stores for years. By reversing the trend, established retailers may find a smart way to reach new audiences by catering to their specialised needs.

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  • http://beauty-thailand.net/ Shane Anan

    BB just wants to be seen everywhere you go including the hospital. Definitely a smart way though…