Supply and tweet demand

Hippo, a newly-launched snack food in India, turned to social media when consumers couldn’t get hold of their snack. Distributed to over 400,000 stores across India, Hippo Baked Munchies were so popular that stocks kept running low, or running out altogether. So the brand asked consumers to tweet @HelloMeHippo whenever they couldn’t find the snacks in a store, and promised to re-stock within hours.

With tweets coming in from 45 cities around India, Hippo established a central Twitter monitoring operation that passed stock details directly to the sales and distribution arm of the business. Once stocks had been replenished, Hippo notified followers on Twitter. By matching supply with demand, Hippo boosted sales by 76%. And as an extra incentive, Hippo delivered personalised ‘anti-hunger’ hampers to the customers who tweeted them the most.

Via. Most Contagious