An appetite for reading

ASDA, Penguin Books and the estate of author Roald Dahl want to add reading to the breakfast menu of children in Britain.

ASDA plan to reproduce short excerpts from Dahl’s most famous books (eg Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG) on the back of 10 million boxes of their own brand cereal. Penguin Books hopes these excerpts will inspire kids to seek out the full-length versions of the stories.

The MD of the publisher says: ‘with anxieties about school budgets being cut and libraries closing, we need to find different ways to get books in front of children, especially those growing up in households that don’t read.’

If the campaign works, the publisher hopes to partner with more supermarket chains.


  • Francesca Baker

    Such a good idea! Now if only shampoo brands would put more interesting things on the bottle for me to read in the shower.