A fresh coat of advertising

People accept advertising on their cars, so why not put it on their houses? That’s the thinking behind Adzookie’s effort to turn homes into giant advertising billboards (cheers Alex).

Here’s how it works: homeowners agree to let Adzookie paint their entire house with advertising and keep it that way for at least three months (extendable up to one year). In exchange, Adzookie pays the homeowner’s mortgage for as long as the house remains painted. If for any reason the owner decides to cancel after three months – or Adzookie cancels the agreement – the company will repaint the house back to its original colours.

When the California-based mobile ad startup announced the scheme, they received more than 1,000 applications on the first day.

Via. http://www.springwise.com/marketing_advertising/adzookie/

  • Max Eaglen

    Chris Arnold talks a lot of sense in
    this article.  So many brands get it wrong by talking loudly but not
    listening or engaging and as Chris says “if they don’t feel it, nothing will

    Platform, we have found that big creative ideas always come from “understanding
    the customer” – whether that is our client or their customer.
      That’s why so many brand guardians are looking at customer
    experience centres where customers and potential customers, influencers and all
    can touch, get a taste, engage and hopefully evolve the brand.  To sell
    effectively is no longer a case of promoting a brand well to a customer but
    really is a 360 degree process and one which those on The Grocer’s list have
    obviously got right.