This one’s on me

PepsiCo announced the launch of its Social Vending System, a digital vending machine with an interactive touchscreen display that lets you buy a drink for a friend and personalise it with a video message. The friend receives a text with the gift code redeemable at their nearest vending machine, where they can view the video message. There’s even a “Random Acts of Refreshment” function where users can buy a drink for a stranger. (Thanks to Chi-town Eliot.)


  • Nahida Meah

    It’s a shame that people are turning to getting ILLEGAL fans/followers. It defeats the purpose of social media marketing, it’s about measuring REAL people that are talking about your brand. I like how other brands are using creative initiatives like apps and competitions for their marketing strategy.

    • Dave L.

       What I don’t get is why no one is questioning the tool here.  I’ve used the Twitter API extensively – with really big research-level access – and the amount of assumptions you’d need to make in order to come to this assumption on such large accounts, is pretty shakey.  Yet no one goes back to SocialBakers and says, “prove it”.  We just all seem to want to believe the tools works because the maker say it does.  If nothing else, this has just been a huge ad for them.

  • Chris Arnold

    Today, another story broke about client’s satisfaction with social media – not great. This will only add to their suspicions. It was revealed in the survey that their main measure of SM success was by fans/Likes, not sales. They only have themselves to blame!


      More fool ANY client who values likes or followers. Even bigger fool if they bonus an agency on them


    Chris, as you suggested, I just put ‘Facebook likes, buy’ into Google and was shocked how many companies are openly selling likes and followers of anything social. You can buys thousands for just tens of pounds. Proves you can NOT trust social media figures at all.
    I,000,000 YouTube views for $699.99.
    10,000 Twitter followers for  $59.99.
    20,000 Facebook likes for $399.99. T
    here are dozens of companies selling these fake fans. So why would any social media agency bother working for their money when the can buy the numbers and get a bonus. Certainly explains why I see large numbers of fans for some unusual brands.