Pipe pod hotel

Tubohotel is a 20-room pod hotel made from recycled concrete pipes. Inspired by Germany’s dasparkhotel, Tubohotel has built on the concept by stacking pipes to form two mini pyramids with ladders to access the upper level. Each room is furnished with a queen-sized bed, desk and fan, with storage space under the bed. There are two communal bathhouses onsite with private showers. Located 45 minutes south of Mexico City, the project took three months to build.

Tubohotel and dasparkhotel both explore the possibilities of using unwanted construction materials in natural surroundings to create hotels that are cheap and quick to build, better for the environment and boast the benefits of affordability and a quirky experience for visitors – plenty to be inspired by.

Via http://www.springwise.com/eco_sustainability/tubohotel/