Social media cleans up

In the wake of the UK riots, social media has been used as a force for good. Clean-up organisers and supporters have used Twitter and Facebook to spread their message and mobilise operations.

With over 87,000 followers, the Riotcleanup Twitter page tweets updates on clean-up locations and times, with people using the #riotcleanup hashtag to share their own experiences online.

A Facebook group was set up to collate information after the damage caused in London and has 18,000 followers, with similar groups for the different cities affected. Also, has information about how to help and a list of locations, dates and times for upcoming clean-ups.


  • Tracey Richardson

    Your post is most encourgaing Chris. I’ve just embarked on a concerted effort to really make Linkedin work for me as an independent consultant. The days of cold calling are long gone and strange as it may seem I believe personal contacts are even more important in the digital age than ever before.       

    • ChrisJReed

      I totally agree Tracey and through LinkedIn you can enhance those relationships, create new ones and really build up an empathy and rapport with potential and actual clients that you could never do on the phone, you have to see it as a creative environment and not a hard sales one though…..