Kindle club

Amazon has quietly rolled out a new social networking service for Kindle owners.
Rather than aiming for the mainstream social media users, Kindle’s network targets the bookish types – and if you count the number of Kindle users, that’s a pretty big social network in itself. Amazon Kindle owners will now have dedicated profiles online, similar to Facebook pages, where users can follow each other and find out what they’re reading, what they’ve put down and what’s waiting in a stack on their nightstand.


  • Thomas Huxtable

    Like most things the conclusions you reach depends on the data that you study. One thing I would agree with is a simple ‘like’ does not constitute much if the brand does not have a social marketing strategy in place to truly engage fans (and ultimately turn them into buyers). 
    What is clear is that brands and retailers that have taken the step of implementing tools and strategies to do this are generating significant return. Take who have increased their Facebook referred revenue by 500% in the last year and now get 50% higher average order values from fans over non fans. Perhaps the key to that is they have increased their fan engagement levels by over 3000% through the implementation of their strategy which is about frequency of engagement, not just fan acquisition. You can see a webinar of their Marketing Director speaking about his strategy here:

  • Lorna Wooldridge

    FaceBook and Twitter were created as social media platforms – a ‘like’ on a page does not defy complete, undivided loyalty. A user may ‘like’ Starbucks, but also ‘like’ Costa. However, what engages the users is an active, online presence. 

    Take ‘Innocent’ for example – they reply to the majority of their Tweets. They answer questions, and even have an email specifically for consumers to ask any questions on their mind or even for a chat. Their FaceBook presence is extremely active: constant updates of new product developments, and even an April Fools trick. It generated attention, interest and desire. Users WANTED to communicate and share or retweet what they have posted because they have an active online presence.

    Advertising is not necessarily the key; it is the basis of gaining some attention, but ensuring you are updating FaceBook and Twitter and engaging with consumers on their can gain brand loyalty. The number of ‘likes’ you have does not acknowledge the popularity of your business, shown by the number of users who like pages such as ‘The awkward moment when…’.