Business nomads

Citizen M, the Dutch hotel group, has introduced a concept business club in their newly opened Glasgow hotel – the first outside Holland. (Tx to Mr Glagow, Elliot)

Dubbed Society M, the club provides a base of operations for small businesses to gain access to city centre accommodation within stylish contemporary surrounds. Boasting a design driven concept, the club offers members a creative space for working and relaxing within the hotel basement.

Society M is an enterprise based on fulfilling the needs of a new group of people – the ‘mobile citizens of the world’, travellers at ease crossing vast distances for shopping, cultural or business purposes. Society M seeks to be inclusive and is guided by the principle of affordable luxury.


  • Chris Arnold

    When I left Saatchi’s in 2002 and started FEEL we demanded 50% up front. Only one client had a problem and it wasn’t a big one – we had MoreThan and AOL, both good payers.  By the time we’d merged to form BLAC, 3 years later, no one was willing to pay 50% up front.  But today try and get 50% after 30 days!!