Absolut premium

After a decade of development, super premium vodka, Absolut Elyx, has launched in the global duty-free market. The launch is backed by a powerful 360-degree marketing campaign targeting a global audience of advanced and sophisticated urban trendsetters and opinion leaders.

Via. http://popsop.com/47451

  • Kin Boon Tan

    The author made the wrong conclusion. Yes the problem is self-made, but not by Singaporeans but by the government of singapore. The govt has an oversized footprint on the local economy. That stiffles entrepreneurship. The govt bought all the land on the cheap and now charges high prices for land. How to encourage entrepreneurship when land cost is so high? I have a friend who tried to do business for a while but realised that all that he made went into paying rent for the landlord which when traced, goes back to the govt.We are one big Singapore inc with all working for the govt. How to be entrepreneurial?  It is the failure of the govt, not the people.Just look at Hong Kong. Smaller govt footprint, laissez faire and entrepreurship is so much better.