‘In a moment’

Or Inamo as the pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant and bar is called, has as its core idea an interactive ordering system. On your table is a screen, where by pointing and clicking you can find your menu, see pictures of each item, and order. (Many thanks to Ian.)

You can even personalise your décor by choosing from a range of patterns and colours that glow from the table like a Kowloon nightscape. The table can order taxis for you and show you bus maps. You can even play battleships with your co-diner, should conversation flag. (In the future, no doubt, the tables will allow courting couples to virtually flutter their fingertips, praise the lustre of each other’s eyes and offer invitations home for coffee. After that the tables will be able to propose marriage and discuss shared mortgages and pensions.)

Via. http://www.inamo-restaurant.com/pc/


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