Uniquely Uniqlo

As part of the Regent Street relaunch, Uniqlo added some interesting little features to their newly refurbished store. Not least of which included the ‘happy machine’ that appeared in the middle of the store.

Shoppers are confronted by a structure mounted on a low, varnished wooden plinth. It is, principally, a transparent column in the shape of a cross. Each arm of the cross is divided into three, vertically, with a different style in each section. What marks out what the ‘happy machine’ offers is the astonishingly low price of the garments that it contains. Different styles are timed to be dispensed at various points throughout the day – providing a reason for multiple visits, if you happen to be close to the store during opening hours.

Via. http://creativeretail.blogspot.com/2011/10/uniqlos-happy-machine.html

  • Eduard X

    Tks for great summary and ideas shown here!