Meet the makers

A fleet of new cultural, fashion and food / wine products are bringing back a refined blokey-ness to Melbourne. Check out these low-key offerings, bringing back the spirit of the ‘50s bachelor minus the sexism, but double the swagger. (Bonza, Joe).

Leading the pack is Captains of Industry, a new venue that’s part café, part gentleman’s-outfitter and soon-to-be whisky bar which adds a new level to ‘meet the makers’ industry. Established by tailor Thomas Grogan and shoe-maker James Roberts, this is a place where the young men who deftly serve up coffee and lunch are also working craftsman who can create an impeccable made-to-order suit (made from the best Italian or English fabrics) or fine leather shoes in their adjoining studios – which you can peek at while waiting for your coffee.

The furnishings in the main café space are sparse with some quirky old-meet-new touches, such as the ipod deck nestled atop an old-fashioned radio cabinet. With a set-up designed to encourage communal eating and drinking – a long share table takes pride of place in the middle of the room and there’s also long ledge and row of chairs to perch on and view Elizabeth street – conversation with your neighbour is encouraged.