Another clever app idea

Location-based messaging services let users leave digital messages for each other at specific locations, and could be a great way of reaching out to potential customers – wherever they are in the world. Dutch Repudo is one such service. (Cheers, Zoe)

All you need is a smartphone with working internet connection and GPS. With the app in hand, users can leave multimedia messages for each other at any location in the world. Those text, photo, video or audio messages – called ‘Repudos’ – can be left for a specific individual or for a complete stranger to collect. Potential recipients also in possession of the app can then check for messages left exclusively for them in their ‘to pick up’ folder, or they can use the map to view Repudos left for anyone. In order to collect a Repudo, users must simply visit the designated location. Once they’ve received the message, the sender is notified.