Winter wake up

It’s about this time of year that those living in the Northern Hemisphere’s wintry regions can begin to feel the toll of the winter weather on their daily lives. One effect of the difficult conditions is that daily commutes to work are often impeded by snow and ice, and that’s where Winter Wake-Up comes in. The new mobile app functions as a standard alarm clock, but it wakes users earlier than usual if there has been unexpected snow or icy conditions during the night. (Tx to Zoe for his one)

Users begin by downloading Winter Wake-Up, which is available for free for both iOS and Android. Next, after setting their standard wakeup time, they indicate how much earlier they’d like to be woken up in cases of frost and snow. During the night Winter Wake-Up monitors local weather conditions based on the user’s current location and decides whether or not the user will need to be woken up at an earlier time. When conditions are poor, users will then have the time they need to dig out, de-ice and get to work on time. Users can also choose not to be woken at all when extreme conditions make their commute hopeless.


  • Ancy Glania

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