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Man of the House is the real man’s magazine, a guide for men trying to be better – at work, at home, as a father and as a husband. Men’s roles have changed in a generation. Fatherhood is different. Marriage is different. Careers and finances are different. Even the oil your dad taught you to change is different. Man of the House is about men helping other men become better men. (Thanks, Elliot, no excuses now!)

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How to fix a running toilet
How to remove household stains
How to navigate the grooming aisle at the grocery store
How to make the most out of a trip to the mall
How to save for retirement, pay for college and still have some fun along the way
How to use exercise to build for longevity
How to pick a gaming system both you and the kids will enjoy playing with
How to begin online dating after divorce
How to read your wife like a book
How to hold a bacon draft
How to buy a flat screen without sacrificing a tuition payment
And much, much more.