The Diesel Experience

Tokyo’s Diesel Shibuya is the fashion brand’s first major concept store in Japan. In addition to Diesel clothing and accessories, Diesel Shibuya will offer visitors the full Diesel lifestyle experience. You can eat at the Glorious Chain Cafe, buy fine wine and olive oils at the Diesel Farm or soak up some inspiration at the Diesel Art Gallery. The latest exhibition in the gallery is from a superstar of Chinese photography, Chenman. (Tx again Ads)


  • Paul Flower

    Did you pen that opening line before or after hearing that Billie Joe was in rehab?

    The rest of it may not be that prophetic. Naturally the rabid fanbase will love all of the releases and a band with this much power can always exploit their creative excesses. The future is ‘single-shaped’ but the acts and labels still haven’t caught up with that concept.