In Japan, “metabo” means overweight – a hot phrase that has helped usher in a wave of new heath plans and diets. Tanita Shokudo is a new Tokyo restaurant tapping into this trend. Run by health device manufacturer Tanita Corp, the restaurant is both a healthy eatery and a place to pick up free nutritional and dietary advice.

The restaurant comes off the huge success of the Tanita Corp’s cookbook, a collection of recipes for 500 kcal meals from the company’s own canteen. The restaurant serves a daily and weekly dish under 500kcal in a space designed to look like an office-style canteen.

In addition to low-cal meals, diners can also opt for a side of free advice from a professional dietician. They get tested on Tanita’s own devices to assess BMI and other information before receiving nutritional and lifestyle advice.

While moving into this health food sector, Tanita have not only tapped into a huge market but also strengthened their brand image.