Fashion factory

For her London Fashion Week show, luxury accessories designer Anya Hindmarch brought her collection to life in a whimsical, Willy Wonka-esque theatrical installation.

The fantastical catwalk for accessories was created with the help of Dior couture set designer, Michael Howells. Entitled ‘All I’ve Ever Wanted’, the set featured a conveyer belt with clutches opening and shutting like oysters, musical wind-up handbags and explosions of sweets and confetti.

The set was inspired by Hindmarch’s children’s favourite toy, ‘The Christmas Machine’, where presents go in and come out magically wrapped. The designer wanted to embrace that childlike sense of excitement and packaged the whole collection like toys. The individual accessories take design cues from the classic Quality Street tin of chocolates. Hindmarch even developed sparkly leather to mimic the bright foil wrappers.