Mike Caswell, an industrial engineer and former Starbucks executive, dreamed of bringing new levels of freshness and choice to coffee lovers by consolidating every aspect of coffee-making under one roof. (Cheers Jules, NY). His idea was to transport beans throughout a coffee shop via a labyrinth of clear tubes with pneumatic pressure, sending raw green beans to the roaster, roasted beans to holding chambers, and small amounts of precisely measured roasted beans to Swiss-made brewers for grinding and brewing. After building a prototype out of vacuum cleaner parts, Caswell has brought his vision to life in New York City with a patented system called Roasting Plant Javabot™.

At the Roasting Plant, you can order coffee or specialty espresso drinks by the cup to any specification – single bean or blends, caffeinated or decaf, or a mix of each. With Javabot, customers have their choice of just-roasted beans – say, one part Guatemala, one part New Guinea, and one part Longberry – all automatically blended and delivered in less than 30 seconds. The high level of automation means the customised cup can be sold at a reasonable price.