Smartphones from 1984

Most of us take the equipment in our smartphone for granted. Each component works behind the scenes to serve a specific purpose, and that’s that. But when those individual devices are listed together, it starts to read like an excerpt from 1984. A camera to capture photos and video, GPS for location-based services, a microphone for recording audio, an accelerometer for tracking speed…

Essentially, smartphones turn us into walking data-collection machines. Yet no one has openly made an effort to aggregate all this information, until now.

Born at the MIT Media Lab, Behavio’s open source Android platform turns phones into smart sensors of people’s behaviours and surroundings – sensing how they use their phones, how they communicate with others and environmental factors such as sound, light and motion.

As a result, Behavio not only understands trends and behavioural changes in individuals and entire communities, but also help us understand and make use of this information.