No waste café

Joost Bakker, an eco-entrepreneur and sustainable design champion, is no longer ‘imagining a world without waste’ but showing us exactly how it’s done. Unlike her pop-up café Greenhouse, Silo is a permanent visionary model for what an ethical, service-driven (and profitable) café might look like.

Featuring artwork from the late David Band, Silo is fitted-out entirely with recycled and recyclable materials. Walls are whitewashed, old black strawberry crates line the ceiling and reclaimed plywood becomes shelving.

In a first for Melbourne cafes, there’s not a single rubbish bin in sight. Instead, food scraps and paper napkins take a trip to the on-site food waste dehydrator where they’re transformed into nutritious fertiliser, which is in turn delivered back to the farmers who supply them.

Silo demonstrates that sustainability can be fresh and sexy – exactly what our throw-away society needs.