Fast footprint

French-born engineer, designer and RCA student, Luc Fusaro has developed a prototype which can be architectured around the unique shape of a sprinter’s foot. It weighs just 96 grams, can shed fractions of a second off your time and, uniquely, comes straight out of a printer!

Designed to Win, as Fusaro calls it, is fabricated through selective laser sintering (SLS) – a method for creating solid objects by fusing powdered materials with a CO2 laser. The process allows Fusaro to take 3D scans of a runner’s foot, use digital tools to tailor the stiffness of the soles to the athlete’s physical abilities, then print the shoes out of nylon polyamide powder. For sprinting, it can improve performance by as much as 3.5% or about .35 seconds, which, in a 100m dash, could mean the difference between silver and gold.