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Real stories

In the age of the 140 characters, it’s imperative for news to be breaking, fast and short. Or is it? Narratively is ready to bet that’s not the case.


From the expertise of piano movers to stories of female taxi drivers and mass graves outside the Bronx, Narratively covers underreported local stories instead of big headlines and talks about real people, not celebrities. This recipe is refreshing in its simplicity – demonstrating that people can still give space and time to storytelling.

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Geek chic

The last time the tech world ushered in a must-have fashion item, it was the Global Hypercolour t-shirt (you know, the one that changes colour when you touch it).

Following on from this questionable fashion statement, a new trend: internet-connected clothes that display your digital world, from status updates to YouTube videos. With in-built speakers, they can even play music. (Thanks, Nads)

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Gondola retailing

IKEA recently unveiled a floating night market on Regent’s Canal in North London, featuring boats with colour-themed products from their new seasonal collection. For one day only, visitors were able to take an exclusive look at the new range, whilst experiencing the sights and sounds of an authentic floating night market.

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Tiny vending

A tiny vending machine, designed to dispense healthy snacks for toddlers, has been launched by food brand Ella’s Kitchen. Standing 115 cm tall, with ‘bespoke features’ to help little hands access their own nutritious treats, the dispenser was designed with the average 1-year-old (and their parents) in mind.

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Unemployee of the Year

United Colors of Benetton has launched a new advertising initiative supporting unemployed youth. The Unemployee of the Year campaign features people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are currently not in work or education. (Cheers, Jamie)

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Five seconds to change a bad habit

Homecenter Sodimac in Chile asks you to use the 5 seconds before your YouTube video loads wisely. (Cheers, Alex)

As skippable pre-roll advertising becomes more and more prevalent, it’s fascinating to see the emergence of clever ways to leverage the format. The latest and perhaps most clever execution comes from La Casa Eco & Sodimac in Chile, with a pre-roll that aims to raise awareness about ecological habits. You can watch the pre-roll here:

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Cleanse, tone and stem cell

Personal Cell Sciences has launched a new range of anti-aging topical skincare products called ‘U Autologous’ – created using the healing and regenerative power of your own adult stem cells. Each product is custom-blended in the Personal Cell Sciences lab, based on key ingredient derived from your own body.

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ABSOLUT unique

ABSOLUT VODKA are preparing to launch a new creative initiative – the ABSOLUT UNIQUE, which consists of nearly 4 million uniquely designed bottles, about to grace supermarket shelves worldwide.

ABSOLUT have always been at the forefront of creative collaboration, but for this project they’re taking the artistic reigns. Using a mix of 38 different colours and 51 pattern types ­– applied through splash guns and colour-generating machines – they’ve ensured that each bottle is one-of-a-kind.

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Paranorman is a new 3D, stop-motion animated film by Oregon-based LAIKA. The studio used 3D printing to help the 62 characters display a wide range of emotions – creating over 31,000 potential faces to help the film appear even more realistic.

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You, the legend

Increasingly, people are using social media platforms to project an enhanced, edited version of themselves. This trend has prompted a new wave of branded apps – allowing social media users to create life story animations and photo slideshows using Facebook data, then share them with their friends.

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