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Box clever

Beijing-based designer, Yoshimasa Tsutsumi, has created a pixellated interior using long cubed boxes for the Diesel Shibuya store.

The space is effectively moveable and many of the products are actually embedded in the wall: push and pull to your heart’s desire. This is a great way to customise a retail space and showcase objects of all shapes and sizes.

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Colouring in for grownups

Just because you’re a grownup doesn’t mean you have to turn in your crayons. Plenty of adults enjoy colouring, especially after a day of stressful, boring grownup stuff.

Armchair shopping

It’s hard, when you’re out furniture shopping, to picture what something will look like in your home. To solve this problem, London- and Helsinki-based start-up, Sayduck, has created an augmented reality mobile app that demonstrates how a piece of furniture looks in a room. The app is interactive, too: digital lamps turn on and off, and you can follow step-by-step assembly instructions in real time.

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Car club

FlightCar in the US aims to put vehicles left in airport parking lots to good use, by offering them up for short-term loans.

Where similar car-sharing companies aim to link owners with those requiring one-off loans, FlightCar takes advantage of the fact that most people driving to airports will be leaving the country for a fair amount of time. (Thanks, Zoe)

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Piperlime, the e-retail site known for its smart blend of brands, price points and inspiring style guidance, is making a move to bricks and mortar.

The New York store will engage savvy shoppers by bringing aspects of its website into the real world through novel merchandising interpretations – for example a ‘trend wall’ will present the freshest looks and act as a ‘homepage’ for the store. Perhaps for the first time, an online brand has translated their audience’s online habits and expectations into something meaningful and useful in-store – an interesting development for retail.

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Venice Beach standstill

Nike brought Venice Beach to a standstill while shooting a video promoting the launch of the new Jordan CP3.VI. (Nice one, Alex) Check out:

The ‘Cut Through LA’ shoot featured dozens of Chris Paul body-doubles, posed like different frames of one continuous play. The camera passes alongside the lookalikes as they dribble, have a caricature done, grab an apple and finally go up for a backboard-shattering dunk.

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When IKEA moved its store location in Bergen, Norway, they decided to ask for volunteers to help with the opening­ – a clever way of engaging with the local community. Volunteers could sign up on a website to do ‘favours’, such as making a speech during the opening, assisting the mayor at the ceremony, planting the first tree outside the entrance and hosting the customer radio. Check out the campaign video here:

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Digital mannequins

We’ve seen a few retailers adding digital interaction to their physical stores recently – often with the goal of creating more engaging spaces for customers. McQ’s new flagship on Dover Street in London features a touch-screen table that visitors can use to manipulate in-store screens. And Burberry’s latest space on Bond Street has been inspired by the brand’s website, featuring mirrors that turn to video screens at the flick of a switch.

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For the record

Canadian DJ Kid Koala’s new album comes with a kit that enables listeners to assemble a functional, miniature turntable and play a special flexi-disc on it. (Keep ‘em coming Tim!)

For £14 ($22, €17) fans receive a cardboard gramophone kit along with a two-LP set and a digital mp3 download. The contents of the flexi-disc – a spoken message from the artist’s mother-in-law – may not be especially exciting, but enthusiasm over the kit has amplified the media buzz surrounding the album.

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Politics are brewing

Mitt Romney needs to up his game – for 7-Eleven shoppers have already decided on President Obama. According to 7-Eleven’s ‘7-Election’ poll, which allows coffee drinkers to pick a blue cup for Obama or a red one for Romney, Obama is leading with 60% of the ‘votes.’

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