Customised catwalk

 Fashion is one of the most important drivers for sharing on the web. When Topshop debuted their spring/summer 2013 collection earlier this week at London Fashion Week, Facebook fans were able to customise the catwalk as they viewed the event.

Wisely, Topshop intend to use the social data generated to recommend the right products to their customers. You can watch a video about the show here:

  • Jeremy Davies

    Indeed. I wonder if this is evidence that getting rid of the COI was a mistake? Would the rigour and professionalism of an expert procurement agency have prevented this?

  • Walter Denny

    Hmm, I’m not sure I agree with Hugh. After-all that is what all mass media does. It’s no different to the TV license ads. Clearly if you were an illegal immigrant coming out of the ‘tube station’ this ad would be talking directly to you. I’m not sure how effective it would be but I might feel a little more uncomfortable if it was me. The part that could be seen as offensive is the ‘GO HOME’ element, if you take that off….

  • beauty

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