For the record

Canadian DJ Kid Koala’s new album comes with a kit that enables listeners to assemble a functional, miniature turntable and play a special flexi-disc on it. (Keep ‘em coming Tim!)

For £14 ($22, €17) fans receive a cardboard gramophone kit along with a two-LP set and a digital mp3 download. The contents of the flexi-disc – a spoken message from the artist’s mother-in-law – may not be especially exciting, but enthusiasm over the kit has amplified the media buzz surrounding the album.

Flexi-discs have been used as promotional tools since the days of The Beatles, but they’ve enjoyed a revival recently, alongside a rising interest in vinyl. Earlier this year, Jack White released the first promotional copies of his new single on flexi-discs attached to 1,000 balloons in Nashville, Tennessee – heralding a new era in music promotion.