Digital mannequins

We’ve seen a few retailers adding digital interaction to their physical stores recently – often with the goal of creating more engaging spaces for customers. McQ’s new flagship on Dover Street in London features a touch-screen table that visitors can use to manipulate in-store screens. And Burberry’s latest space on Bond Street has been inspired by the brand’s website, featuring mirrors that turn to video screens at the flick of a switch.

Adidas is trialling a similar concept at one of its stores in Nuremberg, Germany. The sports brand has created an interactive screen that can be used by customers to check out clothes on a pair of animated models. More interesting though is the concept’s commercial element: after a customer has found an item they like, it can be dragged off the screen and transferred to an app on their phone, where it can then be purchased.

While the store is hosting the experiment for just six weeks, the Adidas concept demonstrates how physical retail is increasingly adopting digital elements to build interactive spaces for customers. Plus if more shop windows use this sort of technology, it could be an innovative way for shops to function commercially outside of their normal opening hours.