3D Photo Booth

If you enjoy Photo Booth, you’ll love this. A pop-up shop has opened in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, where folks can print out incredibly life-like 3D figurines of themselves. (Cheers, Alex)

First, a technician scans your body – so much like early photography, you’ll need to be able to hold a certain pose for 15 minutes! They then print out an impressively realistic 3D photo that captures not only your features, but also the basic textures of your clothing and hair.

The process isn’t cheap; for an individual, a 10cm figurine will cost you ¥ 21,000 (~$264 USD). But if you’re in Tokyo (and feeling particularly flush), it would make an impressive family portrait!

Via. http://io9.com/5959552/worlds-first-3d-printing-photobooth-opening-in-japan