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Animal magic

Great Little Place, or GLP, is a crowd-powered collection of nothing but the world’s greatest little places. They think dull chains are rubbish, so this is their shout-out for the little guy. It can be any type of place – bars, museums, restaurants, galleries, more – but all with that certain something special in common. And most importantly, it’s created and curated by ‘the people’, making everything on there a personal recommendation. Sort of like your digital friend in the know. (Thanks, Jamie C)

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Duck Duck Go

Search engine start-up DuckDuckGo is giving consumers a streamlined search experience that prioritises privacy. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo doesn’t track users or attempt to generate personalised results based on previous searches. It’s also devoid of advertising clutter, and has a voracious appetite for answers.

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Clickable paper

The Clickable Paper app takes QR codes to a new level – enabling commercial printers and publishers to offer new multichannel features to their customers (Nice one, Toddy). With the click of a smartphone at any printed surface, people are directed to a wealth of related online content – from videos and games to social media.

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Do you ever step into a bookstore and find yourself overwhelmed by the selection?
If you live in Toronto, The Monkey’s Paw (a second-hand bookstore) has a wonderful solution: the Biblio-Mat. Feed the lovingly hand-constructed machine $2, and the pulley-system will dispense a random title for your reading pleasure. The perfect solution for indecisive book lovers! (Good spot, Polly!)

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Let’s get it on

For its new range of condoms ‘SKYN’, Ansell has launched a campaign asking Spotify users to create a ‘sexy songs’ playlist. (Thanks, Jason and Alex)

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