Have a break, don’t have WiFi

No, they haven’t got the copy wrong. This week in Amsterdam, Kit Kat are offering free No Wifi Zones in Amsterdam – echoing their ‘Have a break…’ campaign message. Customers in the designated zones are unable to use WiFi as the signal is blocked within a five-metre radius, with the aim of encouraging real conversations and a less stressful, work-free environment.

From mobiles to tablets, being connected has become the norm – especially in high-tech urban environments. While convenient, the ‘always-on’ life can be stressful, leaving some users addicted to their gadgets. Offering an escape from the digital world is a clever way to connect with busy people – especially those with a fondness for Kit Kats.

Via. https://www.iconoculture.com/smart/public/view.aspx?contentid=366087