Party people

Brands are increasingly using immersive experiences, combining the real and the fantasy, to connect to people. Bottled water brand Perrier has created an interactive experience doing exactly this. (Cheers Tim.) The Perrier Secret Place is an interactive film that you experience through the eyes of one of 60 guests at a party.






The aim is to find hidden bottles of Perrier using clues hidden in the apartment. When you find a bottle, you’re entered into a draw to gain access to exciting parties across the world, including New Year’s Eve in Sydney and the Rio carnival.

The film offers users thousands of scenarios, from the burlesque to the weird. An infographic also keep tracks of how many guest experiences you’ve ‘lived’. It’s all designed to demonstrate that Perrier is essential at parties. By mixing gaming and brand advertising, Perrier offers people a memorably unique, and immersive experience.