Daily Archives: Monday, November 4, 2013

A cut above barbers

It’s November. The month of falling leaves, fireworks, and farcical facial hair. So as men up and down the country trim their ‘taches for charity it seems only fitting to feature Harry’s, a new online/ offline barbers that sells premium grooming products without the premium prices. (Apologies for the over-alliteration in the previous two sentences.)

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Read between the wrinkles and lines

According to Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty website just 4% of women considered themselves beautiful, and 70% of young girls feel worse about themselves after three minutes of reading a fashion magazine.

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Just bling it

Ever wondered how much energy you’re using sat at your desk? Or making a sandwich? Or filling the car with petrol? Then Nike’s FuelBand is for you. The original version was sold out within hours when it launched last year, but the recently released FuelBand SE adds a little luxury to the whole experience.

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